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Simple Battle FAQ for Utawarerumono.

I can't believe i'm doing this right after i wake up, lol.
Anyway, i think i'm just literally bored just to do this shit, lol.

So actually, i'm gonna explain it with the screenies.
It'll be a whole lot easier to understand. I'm gonna start explaining from square one. lmao

Hajimari desu !!

Well, let's see.
If any of you guys have played those kind of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and so on.
The battle system is quite similiar actually, just that it's much easier in this game.
All you need is just to be quite observant and common sense. lol.
Yeah, all i did was figured all these out with common sense =P

Kay, enough crap talk and let's begin.

Party Members Selection
Okay, you're obviously gonna see this at the begining of every single battle you're gonna encounter.

There's nothing much to explain but only those 4 things i've applied in there.
1 : Total amount of members you can have in this battle.
2 : How many members you can choose. (Those chars circled in red are a MUST in the battle.) In other words, this number here shows you how many extra members you can bring in.
3 : Just click on this when you're ready to kick some ass.
4 : Option button ( You can save your game during this part )

Before we move on into the movements and attacking.
I'm gonna tell about the stuffs when you right click onto your screen when it's your turn.

1 : I'm gonna use common sense for this, i can definitely tell this wordings here is the battle's name.
2 & 3 : This one here should be your battle objective.
4 : This is your "WAIT" button. It's like if you can't do anything just click on this. If you're using a scroll mouse just push your scroll button to use the wait button. Somehow it's like a shortcut.
5 : This is the Magics tab. Only 2 of your party members can use this. The Angelic and Devilic chicks. I'll explain further about it in the attacking session.
6 : This one is go back to your options. (You can save your game before the battle begins. (Refer to the member selection)
7 : Opens a minimap of the place you are at. (See pic below for example)

(Red ones is your enemies, grey are just some stuffs blocking your way and the blue ones are you and your members.)

8 : If you made a mistake by moving into the wrong spot, click on this to redo it.
9 : Your HP
10 : This is your combo bar. If it's at max you can unleash your uber leet finishing move. (If your combo stat is at max that is)
11 : Your exp bar
12 : I'll explain this one later when the battle ends.


As you can see, it's pretty much like FFT.
The blue boxes you see in the pic is your movement range for your char.
Each of them have a specific movement range. Eruruu is the only one that can only walk up to 3 boxes.
Which is the shortest among all.


Alright, even most of the characters in game all only have melee attacks.
Refering to the pic, you can only attack the ones in those red boxes.
The only ones with magics have specific range.
Depends on what kind of spells you use.
Like so,

( The ones highlighted is the one i selected )

Okay, time to explain about the combos. (Copied and paste in here from my comments lol)
To execute it, each time you hit on the enemy.
You'll see a circle radius appears each time, right ?
Click each time you see it. And there's 2 colours of the circle.
White just a normal combo will appear the next one.
If a orange circle appears, it's the finisher.
Or in other words, your last combo.
I got a screenie here to show you the white circle.

Just click if you see the circle.
And as for the orange circle. I manage to get a screenie of one lol.

Oh yeah, the circle thing comes from a size of big to small. Just to let you guys know.
Here's a little peek on how the finisher looks like when you activate it.

It's not that clear anyway, but their faces will appear when you activate it. It's hard to grab them >_>
Just try it out for yourself and see how fucking leet they are XD
Among the ones i maxed so far, i really like Benawi's finisher. The way he does it is like fucking painful lol.
But for some reason the dmg isn't good enough >_>

After battle

This is the character stats lvling up part.
You'll see this every single time when you're done with a battle.
Not exactly though, sometimes this only appears after you finished off like 2 battles or maybe 3. I don't know, can't really remember.
Let's continue,
1 : Okay, i don't really think i know what's this for but i think this is what you've achieved in your battle.
2 : The number of stat points unused.
3 : Your combo stat, this one really requires lots of stats to lvl just once. If you see the right side, that means it's maxed already.
4 : Your str stat, if you wanna dmg bastards like hell just boost this crap, lol.
5 : Your defence stat, raise this is you wanna be tougher. Duh
6 : Not sure about this just yet but i can tell it has something to do with magic stuffs. (If you see chars like Eruruu or the wing chicks, this stat is their highest)

Once you're done just click Ok to proceed onto your next char till you're done.
If you made a mistake by boosting a wrong stat, just click onto the one on the right of the clickable button.
Bah, you'll know if you just simply push the buttons as long if you don't push ok, lol.

Didn't really get the screenie for each element but wth.
flipstarboy gave me these info about elements, thanks a bunch ;d

Earth > Fire
Fire > Thunder
Thunder > Wind
Wind > Earth

And same goes for the other way around ;D

Alright guys, that's about wrap things up.
This is all you guys need to know anyway.
Happy poning easy bastards in this game. (Seriously, it's really easy lol.)
Hope this little FAQ i made is good enough, lmao.

And if there's any mistake or anything to add in please inform me 8D
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